Tuesday, January 29, 2013

It's only been 6 months . . .

I know I'm terrible for not updating the blog over the past 6 months -- It's amazing how 2 little boys can make your life seem so crazy . . . and to think, we're going to have a third little boy in just a few short months :) I figure I should do a blog post now, because once #3 arrives,
who knows how long it will be!

Hiking at Rock Bridge State Park, gorgeous little place only 10 minutes from our house

 This photo of Cole was just too cute not to post - it was taken about 3 weeks before he turned 1

We spent Cole's 1st birthday with Nate, Chelsea and Ava in Georgia - It was such a fun trip, and the Sesame Street party that Chelsea planned for him was so cute . . . Thanks again for having us guys - Miss and Love you!

Halloween - Our adorable Lion and Tiger (should have made daddy wear a bear costume ;)

Instruments have been a BIG thing at our house lately - Here is Connor playing his "violin" - We need to move back to Utah so Aunt Britt can teach him to play a real one!

Daddy and Coleman playing guitars

My little acoustic guitarist ;)

Looks like we have another climber on our hands - YIKES!
Don't worry, Chris is right behind him :)

Daddy and Cole just hanging out

In our Christmas sweaters after church one Sunday in December

Connor giving Santa a hug - He was pretty "star-struck" when he saw him ;)

Ready for Santa to come on Christmas Eve in matching pajamas

Connor was so excited to put the stockings by the fireplace and set out cookies for Santa and carrots for the reindeer (notice the cookie with a bite out of it - Connor thought he should taste them to make sure they were good before giving them to Santa!)

Building a snowman after our only decent snow of the year (so far) - not that I'm complaining!

And a few days later it was in the mid-50's -
That's Missouri weather for you!
We took advantage of the nice day and went to our neighborhood park


Wood said...

So Fun! Love the pictures! I can't believe how grown up the boys are getting!

Chris, Linzi. and Samantha said...

Seriously your boys could NOT be cuter. You are gonna be a wonder mother with 3 boys!

The Rays said...

I love the pictures!!!!!! Your boys are so fun. Give them big hugs from Aunt Shawna.

denise said...

LOL-what a riot these little guys are!! Happy Birthday to our one year old little Cole and Merry Christmas to such dear, sweet little boys! We can't wait to come welcome this new little Pinkston baby boy!!! Hoorayyyy!!! WE JUST LOVE YOU ALL SO VERY MUCH!